The Role of a Hardwood Flooring & Carpet Expert Witness

Hardwood Flooring and Carpet Consultants and Experts often play critically important roles in litigation and testifying at a deposition or trial.  The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that one or more experts will be involved for each side.

Expert Inspectors/Witnesses in the Flooring and Carpet Industry are individuals with special knowledge, skill, experience, training and/or education that go beyond the experience of ordinary members of the public.  Experts ensure that all testing, analysis and findings leading to conclusions and opinions are based on adequate and accepted procedures within the Standards of that profession.

Expert Witness duties can include:

  • case evaluation,
  • educating counsel,
  • product testing and analysis,
  • prepare evidence,
  • assist in case development,
  • site inspection,
  • testify at a deposition or trial.

An Expert Witness is an individual who is recognized by a Court as an authority on a topic and who has knowledge beyond the average person.   In order to be accepted as an Expert Witness, the witness must generally present his or her qualifications on the stand so that the judge and jury understand what sets the witness apart from other witnesses.  Expert Witnesses provide factual information and analysis which may be beneficial to a case.

Elite Consultant’s Experience
The Experts role will vary from case to case.   Elite Consultants has served solely as a Consultant to the Lawyer and remain in the background.   At other times we will be used in the pre-trial stages, perhaps to give an affidavit supporting an element of the case.  In addition, Elite may serve solely as an expert witness at trial.  Occasionally, we will play a combination of these roles.

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