Hardwood Floor, Laminate, Hard Surface or Carpet Claim Turned Down?

Do you have a turned down hardwood flooring claim or have a warranty issue? Are you an Insurance Company needing to know if a hardwood floor, carpet or hard surface claim had previous damage? Builder or Architect in need of a pre-installation inspection or moisture test?

Are you a consumer who purchased defective carpet or hardwood flooring and don’t know where to turn?  A Certified Inspection Company may be able to help you!

Certified Inspection Companies serve as an independent unbiased third party specializing in residential and commercial hardwood flooring inspections, hard surface and carpet disputes and resolution services.

Certified Inspectors can help consumers, insurance companies, contractors, architects, and attorneys identify hardwood flooring, carpet and hard surface problems including defects and provide a solution.

Our Inspection Services include:

  • Perform an on-site inspection
  • Obtain a chronological history of the flooring installation
  • List detailed observations of the problem areas
  • Perform field tests and record results
  • Collect samples for lab testing, if applicable
  • Photograph areas of concern
  • Prepare a written report (see below)

Written Report Includes Description of Defective Flooring Complaint/Concern –

  • Job site description
  • Product description
  • Claim history
  • Observation and Analysis
  • Field and/or lab test results
  • Applicable Industry and/or Manufacturer Standards
  • Conclusion based on collected data and field tests
  • Responsible party and Correction recommendation if requested

Three Different Types of Flooring Inspections Available.

  1. Written inspection—An inspection is conducted and results are given to the commissioning party in a written report. A written inspection is needed if the commissioning party needs support for a court case or mediation.
  2. Verbal inspection—An inspection is conducted and the results are given to the client verbally. A verbal inspection can be performed when the commissioning party only requires party responsibility for the problem.
  3. Inspection rebuttal—A client/commissioning party may have had one or more prior inspections that do not appear fact based or accurate. A third party inspection rebuttal can point out inaccurate information in prior reports and/or can introduce new facts and conclusions.

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